Tips for Purchasing Ice Machines for Your Business



If you want to purchase an ice machine for your bar, hotel or restaurant, you will not miss an option that will work for you. You will come across a variety of ice machines in the market. This can make determining the ideal one for your business quite a challenge. Generally, ice machines cost quite a lot of money. This being the case, you have to research well to know the right machines to go for. Your current and future requirements should help you decide the best ice machines to buy. Here are some tips to follow when evaluating different ice machines to purchase.

Where Will the Ice Machine be Located?

Before choosing an ice machine, consider where you will put it. The best location to put an ice machine is where employees or customers can easily reach. You do not want people having to walk a long way to get ice. Make sure the location where you will be putting the machine is near drainage holes, electricity supply and water supply.

Amount of Ice that will be Needed

It is also important to know how much ice will be needed on a daily basis. Determining the amount of ice that will be required can be quite tricky. This is because the amount of ice that will be needed in a particular day may be different from that of the next day. On busy days like the weekends, you are likely to need more ice. The warm months also experience a higher demand for ice. Consult with your team to determine how much ice will be needed every month. If you are getting started with the ice business, it is best to ask for advice from an experienced business owner that already has ice machines.

Your business will require more energy to make ice than store it during busy days. Thus, you have to consider the impact of the ice machine on your energy bills. To keep your energy bills low, get an snow ice machine with a larger bin. With this machine, you can store ice for busy days. Another alternative you can go for is buying to small ice machines. When you have to ice machines, you can turn one off when there is low demand for ice.

Ice machine business owners are generally advised to go for two small machines instead of one big one. This is especially if you are getting in business for the first time and don’t have data on how much ice will be required over different periods.

Research the Machines

You should research the various ice machines in the market to know what to expect of them. Find out about the features that the machines have. Know where to buy snow cone syrup here!